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We are a small and friendly village church, seeking to serve our local community.


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The Benefice Study Group

The Benefice Study Group will reconvene on the 3rd October and then meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at the Vicarage, until Lent 2019.

Our new title is “Sing to the Lord a new song” and we will be exploring what hymns can teach us of God. Anyone interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of the Christian Faith is welcome to come and join us.

Contact Lynn for more details - 01508 558479

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Prayer and Meditation (2 weeks to go)


Prayer and Meditation (1 month to go)


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Vicar's letter August / September 2018

Summer is upon us! The sunny weather and warm days have encouraged us into our sandals and out into our gardens. Children can be heard playing, the smell of barbeques drifts over our villages and trips to the seaside are on the agenda again. What a wonderful time of year!


As we enjoy (or not) this summer season the dark days of winter seem far away and that mid-winter celebration (shh….Christmas….shh) is a long way from our minds. Whilst it would be odd to celebrate that festival all year long - there is something to be said for encouraging the spirit of generosity and goodwill that it brings to last all year. In the summer months it is very easy to forget that the people and charities that we supported in December and January are still in need of support.


This summer St Peter’s congregation is inviting you to join them in our “Summer Holiday Foodbank Race”. During the six weeks of the school summer holiday we will be attempting to collect thirty of each of the five items most needed by the Foodbank (more details further into the magazine). The Foodbank finds that it has lots of support later in the year, but that supplies run low through the summer months and so we have decided to join them in trying to even out their supplies.


Sharing peace and goodwill all year does not just rely on practical help, of course, it also involves us in thinking about how we greet and meet with each other. As we are out and about enjoying the sunshine hopefully we will remember the power of a bright smile and a friendly word. Supplies of both are not just for one time of the year…..


May God bless you,




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