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We are a small and friendly village church, seeking to serve our local community.


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Depwade Deanery - Delve Deeper into Prayer

All are welcome to attend An evening of Prayer workshops including: Praying with music Leading intercessions Creative prayer Prayer Stations

Contact Lynn for more details - 01508 558479

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Prayer and Meditation (2 weeks to go)


Prayer and Meditation (1 month to go)


Open Garden (1 month to go)


Confirmation Service (4 months to go)


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Vicars's letter April / May 2019

During May we remember Mother Julian, one of Norfolk’s own saints. Julian lived as a solitary in the centre of Norwich and, following a severe illness, wrote down the revelations that she had of God’s love for her. These came in the form of vivid pictures and many remain familiar images today in Christian circles. She was the first female author in the English language and in her time she was sought out as a source of wisdom.


Julian lived in a time of great uncertainty. England was at war, either with others or internally, and those called to fight had little protection and no sophisticated weapons. Being wounded was usually fatal. At the same time, the plague roamed the streets of the cities and huge swathes of people died because of it. Added to this, poverty left many hungry and struggling for survival. In the midst of this turmoil Julian had probably her most famous revelation that: “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”.


We too live in uncertain times, politically, financially and ecologically. It is hard for us to imagine a stable future and to lift ourselves out of the downward spiral into which we seem to have been sucked. Easter offers us a reminder that God’s love overcame death and that the risen Jesus offers us new life, based not in material things, but in that everlasting love. If we can find that love in our world, in our relationships and in our hearts - whatever name we have for it - then we may be able to share the hope in which Julian lived that, by and by; “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”


May resurrection joy be yours this Eastertide,

and may you be richly blessed with hope,






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