November Remembering

November is the month to remember.

We have the opportunity at the very beginning of the month to remember our loved ones who have died, linking to the feast of All Souls.  This year we are offering two opportunties for people to come to church to remember, both a formal service and an open time to "just be".  Many people have been bereaved in the last eighteen months or so, and some are still grieving for time they were not able to spend with a loved on at the end of their life, or for a funeral that was struck by the regulations.  If you know someone in this situation please encourage them to come along, it might help a little with their journey.

As we have in the past we join with the Nation on Remembrance Sunday to keep the tradition of holding in mind all those who have given their lives in the service of our country.  We hope to be able to hold services "in person" this year, but also to share the Brooke service on Zoom for those who would rather stay at home.

Amazingly the last Sunday of the month takes us into Advent - the beginning of a new church year.  We will be marking this with a special evening service.  Keep an eye out as details of our plans to celebrate the feast of Christmas begin to emerge.


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Harvest Celebrations

All around our Benefice crops are being harvested, in gardens as well as the fields.  The parish of Brooke was one of the first in the country to have a special church service connected to the celebrations for "Harvest Home" which had been going on for some years.  It is a tradition we continue in our Benefice, as each of our five churches, in turn, hosts a Harvest Festival Service.  You can find details of this year's offering in the events pages.

As our climate changes and a crisis looms, we will be thinking this year about our stewardship of the earth, and the changes that we can make to turn around the devastation that is coming.  As we give thanks not only for the harvest of crops, but also for all the gifts and skills that go in to bringing food to our tables, we will continue to remember those who have little and for whom global warming threatens the harvests that they rely on.

Everyone is welcome  - young and old - as we sing favourite harvest hymns, listen to what the Bible has to say about God the creator and pray together. 

Come along and help us to keep up the traditions of those who lived in our villages before us, as we give thanks for the harvest and God's provision for our lives.


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Back to School


We hope that everyone has enjoyed the school holidays - and that the last few days are fun too!  Like lots of other people we are getting ready for the new school term, which can be very exciting, but daunting too.  That's why we have decided to have a special service, just as term begins, where we can meet together, give thanks for the holidays and look forward to what lies ahead.

We're inviting children and their families - and teachers, school staff and governors too - to meet together on the afternoon of Sunday 5th September, at 4.00pm in St Peter's Church at Brooke.  The service will last about thirty minutes and there will be songs and fun for all ages.  It doesn't matter which school you go to - or college, or university - you can come and be part of it.

If you'd like to, you can bring along your new school bag, or pencil case, or school shoes - or anything else that is new for the beginning of term and we'll ask God to bless them, and you, as you return.

Cecil the caterpillar is sure to be coming along, so look out for him.

We're looking forward to welcoming you!


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Cecil says......

.....come and try my summer Churchyard Trail.

Cecil the caterpillar has laid a trail in the churchyard at Brooke and is inviting children and families (and anyone else) to come and explore during the month of August.  You can pick up a trail sheet in the church porch and then make your way through the churchyard looking for clues.  There's a sheet for Key Stage One children, and a more challenging one for Key Stage Two youngsters.  If you fill in your name and contact details you can enter our prize draw.  There will be two lucky winners at the end of the month.

We look forward to welcoming you along.


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Strawberries......and Raindrops

The afternoon of 10th July saw an optimistic group gather in Maureen's beautiful garden for a strawberry tea.  Groups of six were gathered around beautifully laid tables, with much excitement as people greeted one another after such a long time of being unable to socialise.  Raffle tickets were on offer, the tea was brewing and bowls of shiny red strawberries were being delivered....when......the heavens opened!  Not to be deterred, the umbrellas were unfolded and all carried on with much laughter and companionable chat.  Strawberries were followed by a selection of delicious home made cakes.  The afternoon raised over £200 for St Peter's funds.

Thank you to all who organised, baked and served.  We hope that everyone has dried out by now.  Well done for making the most of the afternoon despite the English weather.


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Pentecost Praise

Pentecost Praise!

Once more, having held our nerve against the grey clouds, we met for an outdoor service on Sunday - to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost.  Our worship had a party theme, with games, bunting and cake, as we celebrated the birthday of the Church.  Being outside meant that we could leave off our face coverings and it was wonderful to stand at the front of a group of people and see their beaming smiles at last.  We were also able to sing together and thanks must go to our three organists who shared the music making for us.

We heard about the arrival of the Holy Spirit in our Bible reading and remembered this amazing event throughout our worship.  We had the opportunity to reflect on the place of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and to re-commit ourselves to the Spirit-led work of sharing God's love in our communities.

After our worship we were able, for the first time in a year, to socialise with one another, catching up on news, drinking coffee and delighting in being together again.

More outdoor services are planned during June.


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Songs of Praise

Having defied the weather we were able to hold our Outdoor Songs of Praise service on Sunday evening.  Nearly thirty people gathered - safely socially distanced - in the churchyard at Brooke and we sang our hearts out.  Our theme was "praising God" and each of the chosen hymns, in its own way, did just that.  The birds joined in and our local churchyard pheasant even helped out with the prayers.

Look out for more outdoor services in the coming weeks....

.....and for our next Songs of Praise.


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